When You Get the Chance to Sit it Out or Hike

IMG_0992Have you even had one of those moments when you are given the opportunity to do something and you know … I mean you just know this is the opportunity that comes rarely in this life?? You could miss it and play it safe or you could decide to jump in and say yes? Or, you could choose to sit it out, play it safe, and say no?

I was in Kauai on the north shore not so long ago at a Karuna Reiki master training extravaganza when I was invited to hike the Napali coast to the waterfall. This is no simple hike (for those of you who do not know) it is a 7.9/10. It is four (4) miles into the waterfall through the rain forest amidst the unspoiled beauty of Kauai. This means of course that it is four (4) miles out as well. As I woke up ever so gently with a soft trade wind caressing my body, I am sure I heard Lee Ann Womack’s song If You Get the chance to Sit it out or Dance…I hope you Dance playing in the dark recesses of my mind. Except this particular morning I heard if you get the chance to sit it out or hike… I hope you hike. So I sleepily drug my travel weary bones out of bed, made my lunch, and joined four other amazing women as we jumped into the car. IMG_0997 

It was a beautiful sunny Kauai summer’s day.  The hike was not easy but it was fun. The views and the chance to really allow my body to simply enjoy this experience.  To laugh and get to know these amazing ladies was such a rare treat. All of a sudden a slip of a foot between some rocks in the waterfall’s outflow tract followed by sudden pain and obvious swelling.  The heat of the rain forest.  The soon laughable answer whenever we asked another hiker how far it was to the falls.  No matter how far away we were the answer was always the same:  “20 minutes / 1.4 mile more.  It is worth the hike.”  With the aching foot it was becoming a challenge but quitting was not something I do.  No matter how long or how hard I just push on.  It is a historical pattern. Just when I was sure I could not do it…I saw the waterfall.  IMG_0996

Finally a sweaty, smelly bunch of us broke through and there was the falls.   Not from a distance but up close and personal with one of the creator of this universe’s wonders.  We dove in and the water was so cold and we were SO hot it was difficult to swim.  But this was one of those moments not to be missed! IMG_1002 

After the swim, while sitting on the rocks, I realized this hike was the perfect example of how difficult I had made things at different times in my life.  I had doggedly used my Texas pride and just gritted my teeth and stubborned it on and done it!  Asking for help was NEVER one of my historical strong points.  I saw my pattern in living color.  

This time I realized this No Longer Served me!!  I asked for help.  And the amazing ladies (all Reiki masters by the way) were willing and gladly helped me make the 4 miles back out.  

What is your historical pattern?  

Is it serving you now?IMG_0999

Do you ask for help when you require it?   

My hope for you is when you get the chance to sit it out or hike – I hope you hike.  

Beautiful ladies, thank you!!  


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