What Is Your Dream?

imageIMG_0992In our busy lives, in the rush to succeed, we mere mortals often lose our dreams. There is education, career, family, friends, homes, sports, in a word, life.

My question for you, precious one, is: what is your dream?  Second question: are you living it?

Not so long ago I was in a session with my coach and mentor.  She looked me in the eye and asked:  “Lori what do you really want?”  I actually had no clue.  I had a successful career, a budding new business, a deep faith, a beautiful marriage and family!  I muttered something or another, nothing profound or noteworthy!

A few days later, in a meeting, I realized I had met and surpassed every professional goal I had created.  That chapter of my life was complete.   I retired.

Now I had the gift of time!  One morning, I remembered myself  as a beautiful young woman with dream of hiking the Camino de Santiago Compostela. I love to walk, but had never been a backpacker or hiker.  Me, hike tthis 500 mile trek , at 65.5 years old??  I prayed abut the Camino.  I sought the advice of seasoned “peregrinos” or pilgrims, and began to walk!

I picked a date, bought equipment, and walked. Tomorrow I leave for the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile trek over the Pyrenees mountains in Frrance from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela Spain.  My spiritual pilgrimage.

imageI leave you with on question: what is your dream?

I would love to hear your dream!!

Yours in beauty and ever so much grace,







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