What is in your Backpack?

As I began to organize my belongings for the Camino de Santiago, I piled everything I would just need on the window seat in my bedroom.

I need all this!

I need all this!?

A period of “oh, no, what about this ? Or What if that happens ensued and the pile of necessities grew way beyond what my little 36 liter weekender backpack could handle.

It look a little while for sanity and the wisdom of my fellow pilgrims to breakthrough my fears!  A quiet still moment of silence dawned on me when I realized I was packing my fears in my backpack!


How  often in my life I have done this very same thing I wondered.  I stopped, grew quiet, and prayed.  In the silence, a deep sense of God’s peace enveloped me.  I remembered who I am and why I was going on pilgrimage.  I prayed for guidance. I put in music and dumped everything from my backpack.


My focus became what do I truly require for the Way?  It was obvious: quick drying wishing clothes for hiking, a first aid kit (small), a sleeping bag and its liner, a towel, soap, toiletries, rain gear, down vest, fleecejacket, wool hat, gloves, hiking boots a bandana, a buff, sandals, water bottles, headlamp, tissues, and my Iphone and it’s charger.

The Camino experts said keep your pack to 10% of your body weight.  Fully loaded, mine weighs in at 14.25 lbs. that is about a pound too heavy but it will lighten up after the Pyrenees  I discovered grew (3) changes of clothes would not fit.  I wear one. Out went so many things I did not require.

How often in in life do we pack and carry our fears, my friends?  When do the “shoulds” run our lives or the what ifs?

This is the  after reality: my backpack:

What's in our backpack?

What’s in our backpack?

So, precious friend, what is in your backpack???

I would love to know!

Love from London

yiurs in beauty and ever so much amazing grace,







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