What are you grateful for in 2012??

panorama2_gThe year 2013 is now 9 hours old! 

I spent the month of December in a time of gentle quiet preparation.  I do not think I would have called it that at the time.  I jumped into new endeavors and traveled quite a bit, but even then I was introspective and tender with myself.  I found things touching me that I never would have even taken the time to notice in the past!  I took the opportunity and savored the last days of the waning year. 

Last night my husband and I quietly celebrated the last hours of 2012 and the birth of the new year with friends.  I was engulfed in a deep abiding peace I cannot explain.  When we arrived home, even though I knew I was on call,  I was wide awake until the wee hours.  My heart and mind focused on all I was grateful for in 2012. 

I have learned that gratitude is a requirement for my life. I begin and end my day saying:  I am so very grateful and thankful for…. and fill in the blanks.  These are bookends of my day.  Normally I write them down as they come to mind.  Not surprising, my family and friends come first.  But I find myself truly allowing gratitude to rise to the surface and the list grows and grows.  This early morning, as things began to rise, it was connecting the dots over the highlights of the year.  Some of the things were keenly painful and some were wildly ecstatic.  Before I gave in to sleep, I have a beautiful road map of this amazing year we call 2012. 

I am on call for the hospital and have rounded on all my patients.  But I was wanting to give each of you a gift:

For those of you who do not yet begin and end your day with gratitude, Try it for 90 days and I promise it will truly change your life. 

Some of you already begin and end your day with gratitude. 

  • I would like to ask you to take it to another level and truly connect the dots from the past year.

Take out a sheet of paper (or better yet a journal if you have one)

  • write each one down.
  • use your senses and see, taste, smell, feel, and hear  the events of 2012
  • Some like a few of mine will bring up old pain
  • but you might just surprise you when you see how that occasion has helped shape you into the amazing person you are to step into 2013 prepared and eager.   

For all these amazing events of 2012 the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the painful all have worked together for our good! 

Gratitude changes the attitude (some great person said)!


I would love to hear your highlights!  Drop me a comment!  I will answer!


Thank each of you for taking the time to read the blog.  Each of you amazing clients who have entrusted me with coaching and mentoring you into truly living your truth, thank you!!  Those of you I have yet to meet, thank you!!! 

I wish each of you a beautiful 2013 where all your dreams come true. The year you life your truth unafraid with integrity knowing this is why you are here!!!! 

Yours in beauty and so much grace,


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