Walking the Way, El Camino, Starts, Perhaps When You Come Home


I have been quiet for a long period.  It does not mean I have not carried you in my heart beloved.  But I have been on the adventure of a lifetime.  I never would have believed the true adventure would start when I returned home from walking the Camino de Santiago Compostela, Frances.  But it did!! 

As I was walking the Camino de Santiago and had just passed this sign I met a wise pilgrim.  He told me that the camino (the way) actually starts when I arrive home.  He gave me some amazing advice:  be quiet and truly listen beyond your listening. At the time I puzzled at the meaning of his words, but I entrusted them to my heart as I continued my journey.  Upon my arrival home to the  states, his words reemerged and I chose to do just that.  I had grown used to the long period of silence and the slow pace of walking everyday. I chose to pull back from social commitments and truly listen, seeking the voice of God above the cacophony of voices and noise of our time.

I laced up my now worn and mud stained hiking boots worn and began to take MacKenzie, the Scottie, for long walks in the woods near our home.  And as I walked I opened my heart and listened.   In the days, months and now almost two years that have passed, I have learned so much.  there is wisdom in the silence and a deep shalom. Peace just doesn’t do justice for the meaning of the word shalom. It means complete, whole, peaceful, enveloped in love. I find myself walking in the fullness of who I am, the woman I am created and on this planet to be.

I realize that not everyone can or even wants to take forty-five (45) days off to go walk the muddy, sometimes dusty, rocky, snowy, rugged Camino de Santiago across the Pyrenees from France into Spain and then on to Santiago de Compostela, the field where the stars dance.

When is the last time you had a day of silence or a few hours?

When is the last time you truly listened to your amazing soul?

What did you hear?

What is your soul longing for?

with a humble heart, I would love to hear.

In the weeks to come I invite you to come and follow the adventure, and to please share yours!

With so much love,

Buen camino – good way!


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