Melissa picOne of my biggest fears was that I would die a prisoner to my anxiety and feelings of low self worth. But Lori changed that. She helped me dig deep inside myself to find answers. She has created an open, safe environment for me to explore myself and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. Thank you Lori.

Melissa Baker

TonyFrom the beginning I immediately saw results from working with Lori. She has helped me sort through things in my life that I didn’t know what to do with. I have had the opportunity to heal because of working with her. Lori Elgin is a freakin’ rock star!

Tony Baker





“I cherish every moment I’ve spent working with Lori Elgin and truly believe she’s an angel living amongst us here on earth. With Lori’s gentle but powerful support, I came to a deep understanding of how important self-love and trust in our intuition truly is and how, without them, we can’t fully live the purpose filled, fulfilling lives we desire. Lori is a woman filled with faith that will inspire you to great heights. I encourage anyone wishing to know and reach their fullest potential to work with Lori!”

Laura Brzegowy
Color Consultant


Debra Moser“Lori is an extraordinary coach and I am honored to have worked with her and truly blessed to have her in my life. Lori’s calming presence creates a safe and trusting environment in which I could open my heart. She has given me the power and ability to live my dreams and also hold me accountable for those times I doubted myself and thought I could not move forward. Working with Lori is inspiring, spiritual, and beautiful. I highly recommend her services! Your life will be forever changed!”

Debra Moser
Mentor to Administrative Professionals


“Lori (aka Grandma) is one of the best coaches out there. Her level of expertise and depth of knowledge has helped me make tremendous progress in my life. From personal development to personal finance, I can truly and honestly say that she is the ultimate package when it comes to life coaching. What I love the most about Lori is her easy going, non judgmental approach, which fosters a level of trust and comfort that’s essential when working through tough personal issues. If you are looking for a life coach that will take you to the next level then Lori is the right coach for you! “

Luis Rosario
Director of Communications / Event Relations





“Lori Elgin is the difference between darkness and light.  Have you ever felt that, even with the sun shining brightly, you just couldn’t see through the clouds?

This is where I was a year ago.  I was me, but guarded against all the darkness that surrounded me.  I wouldn’t say I lived an unhappy life, but I wasn’t living up to my true potential.  I was selling myself short.  It made me uncomfortable to think that I could be my true self (feminine AND strong), and with my 30th year looming in the very near future this was something that scared me.

I think most women my age just want to feel good about themselves.  In this world of nothing-is-ever-good-enough, we think we have a lot to live up to.  What Lori helped me to see is that we only need to live up to ourselves!  It’s wonderfully liberating to know that we already possess our full potential.  We already have all the tools we need.  They were built in.  The means to the end are readily available and better yet, they are FREE!  You just have to allow them to do the job they were meant to.

A year ago I made the decision to live the rest of my life as ME!  The beautiful, strong girl that has been sitting in the corner for 29 years is now standing in front of the world letting everyone know who she is and what she’s here to do, take it or leave it.  I’m no longer sitting around saying, “My end goal is to work for myself and support my family the way I want to.” (All the while not fully believing that I would get there.)  No.  Now…now, I say, “I work for myself to support my family.”  (And may I add, I’ve never felt better!)

I haven’t decided exactly where I will be in 5, 10, or 20 years; but I can say one thing with certainty – I will not hold myself back.  Lori has restored power and now there is nothing but green lights down the road ahead.”


Brandi DeLancey
Owner, DeLanceyville Web Solutions

“Lori is an earth angel. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her personally as well as watched her work with others. She has the rare ability to transform the lives of people of all ages. She fully commits to your journey going the distance with you while her gentle grace envelopes you in a blanket of secure warmth. A true rare gem!”

Josephine Auciello
Holistic Health Coach IIN graduate





“Lori is a true midwife for the soul. Her gracious and gentle approach touches and moves the most profound aspect of you, and yet the strength of her feminine power ensures that you are kept firmly on the straight and narrow. I have always felt completely safe with Lori, nourished, nurtured, and yet also inspired and enlivened. Lori is a wonderful coach, gifted, talented and hugely experienced.”

Charlotte Goldsmith
Owner, New Feminine Finance, London






“Lori holds sacred space like no other coach I have ever known. With laser-sharp focus and undeniable love, she has gently and expertly guided me to exactly where I required and was ready to go. My last session with her was particularly profound in that I had come to it with some very old emotional heaviness that she sensed right away. Using an amazingly intuitive guided process, I left the session truly transformed and able to actually open up to greater possibility both in my life and in my relationship. Thank you Lori, you are beautifully masterful in your work with even the most fragile of situations!”

Anna Piorier
Author & Founder of Yoga Body Nutrition




“Lori is an amazing coach. The work we did together helped me tap into the true essence of who I am and how I can best serve my clients. Lori has a gentle, yet powerful way of moving you forward and going deeper without it feeling strained or difficult.

Lori created a safe place for me to explore, as she guided and supported me. I love how empowered and inspired I felt when our time was done. I highly recommend Lori. She will help you move through barriers while holding your hand every step of the way.”

Kelly Cornell, CHHC, AADP
Holistic Nutrition Coach





“Lori Elgin has participated as a guest speaker in my eight week empowerment program for teenage girls addressing health and well-being.  She has a very gentle nature and makes it easy for girls to share their questions and concerns approaching topics such as; sex-education, drugs, psychological disorders, mental health. Lori is so well versed and educated, that the girls in my program learned valuable information. She cares for young people and it is evident in that she will travel far and wide to help others out, whenever possible! I admire her beauty and grace as she eases into her environments and meets others where ever they are at in life to offer her support.  Not only has Lori volunteered to speak to my girl’s program, she has coached me on areas in my life where I was confused and needed guidance. Lori does not give advice, but gently leads you to find the needed answers and to give insight and clarity to areas of concern. I felt so relieved after one session with Lori and knew that
she would be a person to help me without judgement get through life’s struggles. Lori is a true angel!”

Jenna Evarkiou


“When I think of Lori, the first word that pops into my head is “wise-woman.” There is a gentle strength that Lori possesses that allows her clients to explore the hidden places within and come out stronger and shinier on the other side.

I have worked with Lori in both groups and one-on-one, and each time I have been amazed by her ability to hold space for her clients’ highest selves to blossom. Her unique vision for her clients’ best selves, coupled with the tools and integrity that she brings to her coaching, is a powerful mix.

When I want my hand held, I call Lori. When I want my butt kicked, I call Lori. When I am ready to let go of my negative thoughts and patterns, I call Lori. When I am ready to change my life, I’ll let you fill in the blank…”

Kathryn J. Lively, PHD