Simple Steps to Detox your Body and Your Mind: The Truth or Trash Detox

A few weeks ago, I knew my body required a detox. I had suffered a bout with allergies and  a couple of minor inconveniences with my thumbs.  The medications for these two left me sluggish and unenthusiastic.  A few years ago I was blessed to seize the opportunity to work with holistic health, Rose Cole. She taught me the how to prepare and master the limeade and Biotics detox.  Neither were my favorites the first time around.  This time I jumped right in with both feet.  I finessed the recipe until it tasted like sipping margaritas all day, without the headache.  I truly enjoyed the ten (10) day limeade detox.  My hand actually healed itself (not a common side effect.) 

What seemed to be coming up for me the most was I became keenly attuned to all the negative thoughts swirling through my mind.  I historically entertained the negative thoughts and made them feel right at home!  But this time was different. 

Something in my mind said:   “no way!!!”  “that is so much trash!!”  My mind was filled with so much trash about me that it shocked me.  As far as I have grown and as long as I have walked in faith.  I was astounded.  I decided to go on the truth or trash detox. 


What is the Truth or Trash Detox?

I promise to write an entire article The truth or Trash Detox and post it on my website but here are the basics:

 What is a toxin?  A poison or something capable of causing disease or death.   Should you choose to start with detoxing your amazing body.

  • Check with your health care provider before trying this at home. 
  • Drink lots of fresh filtered water
  • Listen to your body
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Take time out and journal
  • Contact a professional

The Truth or Trash Mind Soul Heart Detox 

  • Even in the most frail medical conditions this one is doable. 
  • It is written in the Bible to take every thought captive.  
  • So truly pay attention to your thoughts.  When one comes through your mind ask yourself:  Is this truth or is this trash?
  • If it is trash, dump it! Get rid of it!!! Delete it!!!  
  • If it is truth keep it replay it.
  • If it was true, is it still true where you are right now on this level of growth?  
  • If so celebrate it!
  • Replay it!!!
  • I do a little dance and say this is trash! this is trash! this is so much trash!!
  • If it is true I have a similar dance, but, with more gusto,  This is true! This is true!! This is really true!!!   
  • It is a game and I actually win.  I have noticed such freedom!  And so can you!!!
  • The Truth or Trash Detox has truly liberated me and propelled me deeper into living my truth and calling.  

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out!!!  Let me know what you think!!! 


Here’s to you and your freedom and prosperity living your dream!!


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10 Comments to “Simple Steps to Detox your Body and Your Mind: The Truth or Trash Detox”

  1. Great post. Our bodies and our heads are filled with too much trash and poison. These are easy great ways to take out the trash.


  2. Lindy Golden says:

    Another great post Lori. I don’t know if I could so easily jump right in to another detox but so proud of you for recognizing the need and acting on it.

  3. Luis Rosario says:

    Awesome post Lori, I have yet to do an actual physical detox but in regards to mental detox there’s nothing better than exercise, especially swimming!!!

    • Lori says:

      Exercise is indeed the Perot way to dump the trash!! But for me I had to recognize it as trash then I could dump it!! Thank you for reading and commenting Mijo!!

  4. Mandy Curry says:

    I always love reading your posts Lori. The idea of a mental trash detox in incredibly powerful. Thanks as always, for the motivation and inspiration.

  5. Tony says:

    Lori, reading your posts always make me feel warm and fuzzy. Thank you again.

  6. Lori says:

    thank you Search

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