How to Set Personal Boundaries – My Sacred Circle

I woke up this morning just as the early morning sun began to peak its way through the clouds, shattering the darkness. My heart filled with thanksgiving as I breathed a prayer of gratitude for this new day.  I wandered to the kitchen to get a cup of tea and start my morning routine. I paused to medicate Charlie, the elderly Persian cat and feed Zev, the wonder Scottie.  My tasks complete, I took my steaming mug of mint tea and settled into my space for my quiet time.  I love this time of day.  Here I sit in the quiet, pray, I set my intentions for the day and drop in to discover what I require to do, be, and enjoy to be truly fulfilled at the end of the day.
Later, I listened to’s JB Glossinger’s coachcast this morning. JB discussed the sacred circle. He described this as the six people closest to you. On this particular morning, I am reflecting on my sacred circle. I would like to humbly offer you my personal definition of my sacred circle. My sacred circle is my own personal boundaries. My sacred circle encircles me about three feet in every direction.  I did not learn to establish healthy boundaries growing up or in my younger days.  It was not until my coach and mentor, Tara Marino suggested I read the book Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No that I realized my personal boundaries resembled either a piece of sagging worn out elastic or rusty barbed wire.  I learned how to establish healthy boundaries.  I say who and what comes into my sacred space.  I speak my truth and do not feel the need to justify my answers.  My yes is yes and my no is no.  I protect my space and it is holy ground.
I visualize my sacred circle as a pure gold braid interwoven with a cord of deep crimson.  The gold because it is precious and the cord of crimson represents the pure grace that touches my life.

How do you define your sacred circle??  DO you have one?  I would love to hear your story.

How do you define your sacred circle??  I would love to hear!  Drop me a line :



Lori Elgin is a triple board certified nurse practitioner wellness coach and credentialed life coach.  She resides in Olympia, Washington with her husband and Zev, the wonder Scottie and Shalom Charlie the elderly Persian cat.  you may follow her:

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