Secrets to Sustaining Precious Long-Distance Relationships

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget how fragile we human beings truly are. Even when we are in shape, eat healthy, exercise, and take exquisite care of ourselves, In a moment, in an twinkling of an eye, everything can change. Relationships are precious and easily taken for granted.  It is very easy to be distracted by this thing we call life and miss the best parts! 

About twelve (12) days ago I was sitting at the kitchen counter having lunch when the phone rang. My son called from California. He had had some surgery and was feeling worse rather than better. Instead of our planned social visit later in the month, I bought an airline ticket (thank you Alaska Airlines MVP Gold Desk)and headed to help.  While I was there, he underwent yet another surgery. So my planned weekend visit turned into a more lengthy stay. It was my deep honor to be there for him, to balance recovery, medication, child care, household chores, and meals.  It blessed me to simply be there, a quiet presense while he slept.  I am pleased to say that although pain management remains an issue, he is on the road to recovery.

I am back home.  Quite often it is difficult for me that my family and friends live so far away. This is one of those moments. I want them closer but that is not where life has us, yet. People are always asking me how I have a close, loving, strong relationships and live states or continents apart. This is how I live.  I humbly offer my secrets to you:

  • Remember life is fragile. Take the time, make the space for rich, warm, amazing, strong, vibrant relationships.   
  • Take every opportunity to say I love you.  I would give my arm to be able to tell my parents I love them one more time.  But I know they know I love them. I told them all the time.   
  • Love each other right where you are now!  We are always growing and expanding in our lives.  Allow each other to be exactly who each of you have grown into. 
  • Don’t miss the opportunity for a hug. A pat on the arm just will not do. I have a friend who was not a hugger, but he is growing nicely! Forgive quickly.  I have learned grudges only hurt me! 
  • Listen with your heart.  It is easy to listen with one ear and really miss what the person is or is not saying that is weighing heavily on her/his soul. 
  • Be fully present.  In the moment when you are together whether in person or on the phone.  Being fully present transparent and engaged can be painful for then you are defenseless.  But oh, the deep connections you forge. 
  • Plan regular visits.  We are blessed to live in the age of airplanes.  Like magic, we step into a cigar shaped conveyance and magically a few hours later we reappear at an airport far from home. 
  • Use technology there are amazing apps like my new favorite Viber. It allows me to talk to the world from my cell phone. 
  • Be creative find ways to reach out and stay connected.
  • Choose to start right back up where you left off.  And whether it has been a few weeks of months since we have seen each other face to face.  Reach out as if the time and space never happened.   
  • Put on your own oxygen mask first.  Take exquisite care of yourself first then reach out and love from the overflow. 
  • Love as if there was no tomorrow.  No one gets off this planet alive. 
  • Savor the moment.  It is truly a gift. 
  • Never give up!  I pray for them every time they enter my thoughts. I know G-D loves them even more than I do.   

These are a few secrets that work for me.  I would love to hear what works for you.  It is never to late to start, or make it better!! 


Yours in Beauty and Grace,


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