Is There Something You Truly Want to Do in the World?

Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything, I mean everything was perfect?  Today was one of those mornings.  I had an amazing night’s sleep the night before.  Everything was easy. Even the rain cooperated for a gentle ride to work.  The sun peaked out from behind the clouds just to remind me it was still here.  I arrived at the hospital to round on my patients who were all doing splendidly.  I made it into my office for my 08:00 conference call.  

On the call, when asked if I had a win to share, my mind went blank.  I could not think of a thing to share.  I mean nothing – absolutely nada and this has been such an amazing week.  I came to a complete halt,  smoking tires and all.  As I listened, I reverted to a historical pattern.  hereby I keep quiet and hide in the number of others on the line.  “Why was I doing this?  Where am I?  What is up with you?” my brain screamed.  

As I listened to the others on the line, I felt so lost.  Then came the question:  “is there something you truly want to do in the world? ” Really?  “Is there something I truly want to do in the world?,” I mused.  “Me, what do I have to share?”  Well, I sat there with these questions and doubts whirling through my mind like ingrediants through my Vitamix.  My faux voices were screaming and I had one thought:  get off the phone!  But, no, this time, I did not run. I stayed present. 

When the call ended I sat here at my desk and knew I required to truly be transparent and write this blog.  This is me in the thick of it. My family, clients, readers, and friends might be surprised or disappointed to see me in the midst of the process.  But I want to allow each of you, to see me in the middle of this process as it transpires and follow the journey through to the project’s birth.    

So I am sharing the question with you, my question. 

Is there something you really want to do in the world?  I mean something that really scares you to even think about?  Anything! Absolutely anything? 

Perhaps, like me, your initial response is a complete blank. 

Perhaps your mind is in a whirl and your hands shake at the possibility.

Perhaps, like me, you can hear the faux voices yelling:  “not you, not now, not this, NO!!”

Perhaps, like me, you cannot immediately let yourself think of anything, because you know, deep inside, there is SO much you truly want to do.  This is your opportunity.  

I so long to see the dreams of God come true. Especially those HE hid in all of us and  uniquely equipped us with all the gifts we require. 


Would you like to know how I normally process this, after the initial inner turmoil?

  • The first thing I do is grab a good cup of hot tea.  

  • I drop in and really let myself feel the screaming fear, with all my senses. 

  • I allow myself to be in the middle of it. 

  • I take out my magical yellow tablet and begin to write. 

But today, I invited you to be here.  Not only watch the process, but to be in it with me.  I am inviting you to partake in this journey with me.  Hopefully my vulnerability and transparency will serve you on your journey.  Perhaps it will only make you smile.  I am committed to being 100% me no matter what!  Here it is.  Here I am. Here we go!!  I welcome you to tune in and process with me!   

Yours in so much beauty and grace,


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