How to Choose to Live in the Moment No Matter What
Throughout the days and years of my life, I struggled with one consistent pattern.  I often found myself either stuck in the past with all of its “you could have, should have, and/or might have nonsense” or I looking at the future, dreading or worrying about something that just might happen.  With one foot in Continue Reading
6 Easy Steps to Overcome Inertia
So today it rained.  Historically, I am not affected by the weather, but today is different.  It has rained and rained for months on end.  I was surprised by the cloud of gloom that seemed to engulf my normally bright sunny spirit.  I have a mountain of email to at least read, calls to answer, Continue Reading
Time Out!!
I live an amazing, full, loving, dynamic, life.  I am blessed to have a beautiful husband, family, and friends.  I have a job I love working with the best professionals in the world.  My business is growing beyond my dreams. My personal growth is at warp speed.  Yet in the midst of this goodness a hiccup appears Continue Reading
11 Simple Steps to Overcome Stress
I went to the best School of Nursing in the U.S. for my Master’s degrees (UCSF).  I learned neonatology from the best of the best. As a nurse practitioner, I knew I walked on sacred ground and had the holy honor of holding the tiny fragile body of a pure soul so new to this Continue Reading
When Opportunity Knocks
Have you ever woken up in the morning and knew it was going to be an incredible day; especially when you have had only slept a few hours and it was a busy travel day??   Today is one of those days.  As I lay in bed, I could not help but smile.  What a Continue Reading
How to Live in Joy
Sitting here in the midst of chaos, I find myself chuckling to myself. Today is the day for joy, pure unbridled joy! How often I have let circumstances or my own reactions spoil the pure gift of joy each day brings. It is not a perfect day. But I surmise I have had very few Continue Reading