What is in your Backpack?
As I began to organize my belongings for the Camino de Santiago, I piled everything I would just need on the window seat in my bedroom. A period of “oh, no, what about this ? Or What if that happens ensued and the pile of necessities grew way beyond what my little 36 liter weekender Continue Reading
What Is Your Dream?
In our busy lives, in the rush to succeed, we mere mortals often lose our dreams. There is education, career, family, friends, homes, sports, in a word, life. My question for you, precious one, is: what is your dream?  Second question: are you living it? Not so long ago I was in a session with Continue Reading
7 Steps to Truly Dive into Freedom this Spring
After a long, dark, wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest, the flowers and trees have finally begun to bud, blossom, and bloom. After being hidden and enshrouded in clouds for months, the sun shines brightly in my window. It is absolutely magical. The trees and plants appeared so naked and plain all winter. They Continue Reading
What are you grateful for in 2012??
The year 2013 is now 9 hours old!  I spent the month of December in a time of gentle quiet preparation.  I do not think I would have called it that at the time.  I jumped into new endeavors and traveled quite a bit, but even then I was introspective and tender with myself.  I found things touching Continue Reading
Is There Something You Truly Want to Do in the World?
But today, I invited you to be here first to not only watch the process, but to be in it with me. I am inviting you to partake in this journey with me. Hopefully my vulnerability and transparency will serve you on your journey. Perhaps it will only make you smile. But here it is. Here I am. Here we go!!
How Do You Define Freedom? Do You Truly Live Free??
How do you define freedom?  Does your definition read like Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary which defines freedom as:the quality or state of being free; the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action; ease, facility; and the quality of bring frank and open.   Until recent years, freedom is not a concept I actually Continue Reading