7 Steps to Truly Dive into Freedom this Spring

panorama2_gAfter a long, dark, wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest, the flowers and trees have finally begun to bud, blossom, and bloom. After being hidden and enshrouded in clouds for months, the sun shines brightly in my window. It is absolutely magical. The trees and plants appeared so naked and plain all winter. They actually looked dead. I am pondering the fact that I resemble those plants and trees. If you took an outward look, you would not have been able to point any one specific area of growth or any growth at all, either myself or the plants and trees. But there has been so much going on under the surface. Spring has arrived in all her glory!!! And I have arrived with her into a new space of freedom I never knew existed before!

The question comes to mind: How do you truly dive into spring minus the left over historical patterns in your life that no longer serve you? Can you truly walk in freedom? Minus the guilt and old worn out trappings of yesterday? I am here to say yes and here are seven (7) steps to truly dive into spring truly free!

Acknowledge yourself and all you accomplishments the last few months. Put it in writing. Write it down on beautiful stationary and read it to yourself standing and looking in the mirror. Truly receive your own acknowledgement!!!

Forgive yourself and anyone you hold a grudge against. In my case it was often far more difficult to forgive myself than anyone else. But this is true freedom!

Ask yourself: What historical old patterns in my life no longer serve me? Looking into our own responses to every day circumstances is not always pleasant in fact it can be down right painful. But we must look at the old ways to let go of them.

Now that you identified some I would like to ask you:  what does it feels like when you respond an old way?  if it had a taste or a smell, or a sound or you could see it what would that be like. How do you feel when you walk in this pattern?

Choose one new way to respond. Crazy and simple as it seems, you get the opportunity to choose. Sometimes it is as simple as asking what one thing can I do to

Give yourself permission to truly learn!  Each of us is a novice at different stages of our lives.  You were not born knowing how to ride a bike or drive a car.  Be child like let go of the requirement to be perfect!!  Welcome to spring and your new world! Tell me what works for you.  If  I forgot something, let me know!  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know!

Sending you so much love!


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