Promises. Do You Make Them? More Importantly Do You Keep Them?

Promises.  Do you make them?  More importantly do you keep them? 

Have you ever made a promise that was difficult to make and you knew would take every ounce of flesh and blood to keep?  Do you seriously consider what you are saying and how you will keep that promise before making it? 

A few months ago my aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  When I talked with her I promised I would not let her suffer but would be there for her, no matter what. Little did I know how difficult that promise would be for me to keep.  Even though I am a nurse practitioner, she lived in a small town in Texas, and I am not licensed to practice in the state.  I knew I would get the nudge and know when it was time to be there for her. 

When the time came, sure enough, I put my life on hold and went to Texas.  I was there when she needed me.  It was not an easy time.  Through the long sleepless nights,  I kept reminding myself of the verse in the Bible “… and she did what she could!”  I, too, did what I could. I kept my promise.  She died peacefully, at home, surrounded by the family that loved her so. 


I have been thinking of promises ever since that time.  Promises sometimes prove easy to make and harder to keep. But I would like to offer a few not so easy steps to making and keeping your promises!

  • be impeccible with your words
  • Pay careful attention to what you promise be sure this is something you can do. 
  • Drop in and truly listen to your intuition, that still small voice before promising
  • After carefully weighing your decision, keep it. 
  • Be the person who lives their word. 
  • Remember our word is sacred
  • As we live with transparent integrity people learn to trust us. 


For me it was a precious gift to give.  but, growing up and in my younger life, people I loved made lots of promises that never came true.  I learned to be leery of promises.  That is when I decided I would break old familial patterns and it has made all the difference in my family and my small part of the world.  Those who know me trust me. 


I would love to hear your experiences with promises!  Do those around you trust you?  If so well done!! If not quite, then resolve today to be the man or woman of your word!! 


with beauty and so much grace,








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