6 Easy Steps to Overcome Inertia

So today it rained.  Historically, I am not affected by the weather, but today is different.  It has rained and rained for months on end.  I was surprised by the cloud of gloom that seemed to engulf my normally bright sunny spirit.  I have a mountain of email to at least read, calls to answer, and my sacred six things to do today all sitting here staring at me.  So I look at the lIst with a loud groan.  What delightful thing is my number one?  Oh, yes, number one is write a blog.  A blog?  Today? When I am in a funk?  Nah!  Do it tomorrow, I reason. I am stuck here in inertia land.  The only way to overcome inertia is to move.  Being married to a now retired US Navy Captain, one thing I know by watching is no one can change the direction of a huge aircraft carrier unless she is moving.  This same principle applies to me.  So here I am funky mood and all.  I laugh as I remember the Wolfman Jack answer to inertia and funky moods.  But no, that requires WAY too much energy!!!!  I will not go there.  You will have to check that out yourself.


How did I overcome inertia? And better, yet, how can you??

  1. Feel the feeling.  This sounds hokey, I know.  But, I did not try and change my feelings or make me feel better.  I simply sat with the feeling.  Acknowledged it; used all my five senses to describe the feeling.  I drew a sigil to describe it.  Lastly, I dropped in and used my sixth sense, my keen sense of intuition. This was brilliant.  Thank you Tara Marino for teaching me this!
  2. Do something.  Today, the first thing I did (still feeling funky and stuck and really wanting to go back to bed) was take the sheets off the bed and put them into the wash.  I then opened the windows and it is quite chilly.  Fresh air is good, I mused.
  3. Move It.  Put on some music.  I did not take up my happy dance, my money dance, or any of the assorted Nana dances.  Nope, I simply sat on my Pilates ball here at the computer.  I chose my ITunes play list marked:  A few to make me happy!  I was listening to Justin Bieber’s Turn to You, the song her wrote for his Mom for Mother’s Day.  However cheesy it might sound, I was singing along.
  4. Grab your sacred six, Choose #1.  I remembered my #1 on my sacred six today and began to blog.  The rain is pounding on the windows but the fog over my spirit is lifting.  (thanks JB for teaching me the sacred six.)
  5. Stay with it until it is completed, but keep listening to music.    Keep listening to music that makes you happy.  Next I listened to  Jason Mraz’s Living in the Moment. And you guessed it, my mood is lighter.   I had chosen another path.  As I wrote the sheer joy of writing emerged.
  6. Celebrate.  Do not simply jump onto the next thing on your list. This is a “high five moment.” How long can you actually enjoy the accomplishment?  Personally, I did my crazy little happy dance.

Not so long ago, I quickly tried to change my mood or forced myself to do things.  What I have learned is:  when I truly connect with myself, right where I am, I can receive then I can step into doing energy with ease, beauty, and grace.   I offer these simple steps to you!!!

I would love to hear your comments!!!  What works for you?  What does not work?


Yours in beauty and grace,


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